Video has become essential support in any digital communication strategy. Better than the image and the text, it captivates the attention of Internet users and arouses all their interest. The strengths of the video are well established. Her statistics speak for her. In fact, a user watches an average of 32 videos per day and 33 million French watches each day, and at least one video on the net. This one has the advantage of “inspiring confidence” because the customer knows what he is buying. In fact, 85% of them admit to making the decision to buy after having followed a video relating to a product, for example. In 2019, 3/4 of global mobile traffic will be corporate video production Singapore , making it important for all businesses to make it their preferred channel of communication today.


The effectiveness of your communication strategy depends mainly on your corporate movies. It is a project in the sense that it is an investment and is in the long term. So choose your provider corporate video production Singapore knowingly.

Qualified and attentive staff

The member of the audiovisual agency that is supposed to be your interlocutor is the production manager. Present and very reactive, he will advise you and ensure the monitoring of the project so that you make the best choices within the limits of your budget. It is, for example, on the basis of its indications that you will have to draw up specifications.

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