Cercon® base

Cercon® base blanks are cylindrical in shape. They are processed in the Cercon® brain unit. They can be used for copings and frameworks of 12, 30, 38 and 47 mm in anatomic length. Cercon® base 47 has been designed especially for anterior bridge designs, including whitearch designs, and narrow posterior curvatures. This blank may also well be your first choice when it comes to implant-supported superstructures.

Cercon® base disk
CAD/CAM always also implies economical production methods. Your choice of four different disk heights for Cercon® brain expert subtly underscores this. It allows you to select the ideal blank for the framework on hand, reducing cost and optimizing production times. Adapt your choice of blanks to the nature of your objects! Thanks to the nesting feature of Cercon® art, you can utilize your blanks to the max.