Cercon® ht

The new zirconia generation

Cercon ht is based on the yttria-stabilized zirconia material Cercon
base, which has been clinically proven for 10 years. With the addition
of a minuscule amount of alumina, a modified production process
and a sintering temperature adjusted to the specific requirements
of this material, Cercon ht combines proven clinical safety with
outstanding translucent properties.

✔ Flexural strength
     Cercon ht has the same flexural strength as Cercon base.

✔ Long-term stability
     Artificial-aging studies (thermal cycling and storing in a water
     bath) have shown that the long-term stability of Cercon ht is the
     same as for Cercon base.

✔ Veneering characteristics
     Cercon ht has the same excellent veneering characteristics as
     frameworks for metal-ceramic restorations, the gold standard.

✔ Clinical safety
     Cercon ht is the result of ongoing Cercon development efforts,
     offering comprehensive and validated safety.

Source: Cercon smart ceramics, Scientific Research vol. IV